We use a production process that's cost-effective, fast to build, and easy to change.  Check out some examples:  

This video positions an early-stage startup that is pivoting from a low-power battery boosting technology to a  high-power offering that can address new battery chemistries. The initial target market is uninterruptible power supplies.  

This video positions a new radio RF modulation technology from an application perspective.  The target audience is a senior network planner/executive at a residential Internet carrier.

This video positions a sensor product line from a small manufacturer that is pitching for business with large aerospace companies.  The product is very competitive but it lacked macro positioning and a polished marketing face.  

This video positions a start-up breakthrough technology for recycling used lubricating oil.  The goal of the video is to position a new nanotechnology as a green alternative for solving a significant environmental problem.

This video positions a breakthrough sensor technology that relies on a simple principle that is easily communicated in video.  The target audience is an R&D executive at a prospective partner company that can assist with commercialization.