What we do

Virtual Product Management for companies that are launching new offerings, executing a pivot or simply tuning up their existing portfolio.   Using a lean approach that evaluates 5 important dimensions to optimize the fit between your offering and the needs of your addressable market.  

Evaluate and optimize your offering across 5 key dimensions to drive market traction and sales growth.

1.  Value proposition.  Ensure you are offering a compelling solution to a specific market problem.  It’s tempting to do this only once at the beginning.  But markets and technologies are in constant flux and value proposition tuning can help you manage product stagnation.

2.  Differentiation.  Ensure your products and marketing feature a clear advantage over your competition.  Find it, invest in it and talk about it first.

3.  Product completeness.  Define your baseline functionality by aligning features with customer environments, use cases and workflows.

4.  R&D effectiveness. Ensure your product plan addresses product completeness gaps as a first priority before any “would be nice” features.

5.  User Experience.  Ensure intuitive feature discovery and on-boarding is blended with efficient customer support, training and help tools to optimize overall customer satisfaction.

Why you need it

Well managed products deliver profitability and stronger business metrics.  How?  Less expensive marketing and more efficient customer acquisition through glowing social media reviews and referrals.  Higher trial-to-purchase conversion rates. Longer customer retention. Less wasted development.  Lower customer support costs.