virtual product management

It's great...we all love it

Of course you love it.  You built it.  But are you going to buy it?  It’s always risky to assume your customers think like you do.  Do they like what you like and dislike what you dislike?  I‍‍‍t’s so essential to understand your customer segments and personas.  Really understand them.  Get into their shoes.  Feel their pain.  Each persona it can be quite different.  The key to figuring it all out is understanding what problems your customers are trying to solve.  And how they go about solving them.  That’s the stuff of use cases and workflows.  There is no substitute.  It can be downright shocking what some customers are trying to do with your product - and perhaps failing miserably.  For someone who wants to travel a kilometre over a goat path to buy groceries, a Ferrari is not a pleasant experience.  And no matter how much you might personally adore a finely tuned Ferrari, that grocery trip is never going to get any better.  

posted by Randy Kun         2018

So why would anyone try to sell a Ferrari in that situation?  Probably they didn’t complete their segmentation work.  Once you know the segments and for each one, the problems, use cases and workflows, you have the beginnings of a marketing playbook.  Based on that knowledge you can decide how to describe your product to each segment and even how to specifically onboard them.  You can also decide who you are not trying to talk to.  And you can decide if there are product extensions or variants that could allow you to efficiently sell into adjacent segments.  Who knows, maybe a jacked up Ferrari with knobby tires and a floaty suspension can win that goat path crowd.  That would be the subject of a market test.  A topic for another day.