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Can you figure this out?

Ouch.  That's the sound of someone giving up on your product.  Even though they might think it’s them not you, it’s still a customer fail.  This is a classic symptom of poor product/market fit.   What went wrong?   Right product, wrong person?   That would be a segmentation foul up, so double down on the accuracy of the segment marketing.   But what if its the right person and a snarly product?   Ugh, you’re probably in for some heavy lifting.   A long time ago in a place far away there were customers who would read the product manual and then use the product.  That place and time is now history.  We live in a world where “if I can’t use this thing right away there must be something wrong with it”.   You can onboard and knowledge base your customers all you want, but there is simply no alternative to a good UX.  That’s the heavy lifting part.  But until you get that sorted, what can you do?

posted by Randy Kun         2018

Hopefully there are people who did figure the product out and are successfully solving their problem with it.  The trick is to figure out who they are.  Segment them.   What problem are they solving and how are they using your product to do that.   If you can figure that out, then it’s time to go fishing for more people like them.  Tune your messaging to point to that problem.  Show how your product solves it in your marketing and onboarding.  Don’t try to be all things to all people.  Go into solution marketing mode and hopefully the UX power sander can smooth the rough edges to widen the addressable segment.